BMX track cake

A co-worker asked me to make a cake for her son for his birthday as a surprice. He had invited all of his class mate to a BMX track, so of-cause the cake should reflects that.

I only had half a day to bake and decorate this cake. So I hope the result doesn’t reflects my time pressure too much…

BMX cake

I didn’t have time to make a bike, so instead I sharped the cake as a BMX track with tires, a trophy and BMX logos.

The BMX track is sharped like a figure 8, because the birthday boy turned 8 years.

BMX cake

Unfortunately the cake collapsed after baking it, so it wasn’t as tall as I expected it.

My co-worker told me, that every single crumb was gone, and that her son was very surprised and excited.

Mission complete! :)

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