Postman Pat cake topper

A while ago, my boss asked me about my cakes, ’cause his kids were crazy about Postman Pat and he has though about giving them a Postman Pat cake. I was totally hook on the idea. Of cause. :) I grab any opportunity I can get to make a cake! Especially something I haven’t done yet. :) (So if you got an idea for a cake, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be more the happy to make a cake for you! :))

But as I was moving to South Africa, we din’t agreed on anything. :(

As I was cleaning my apartment and packing all my stuff, I were about to throw away all my fondant and realized that I got plenty of blue fondant left. I though to myself I might as well do a Postman Pat cake topper for him. I rather make cake toppers than cleaning up.. :)

So here he is. (Postman Pat – not my previously boss.. :)) Sorry for the bad lighting, but it was late at night and I didn’t realized the lightning was this bad before after I had delivered it.

Postman Pat and his cat Jess

I kept singing “Postman Pat, Postman Pat, and his black and white cat…” all evening while making this cape topper. :) Sometimes I wish a kid again. :)

As this was a cake topper without a cake, I did a stamp where the two of them could stand on. I think it made the cake topper more coherent.

Postman Pat cake topperPostman Pat and his cat Jess:

Postman Pat and his black and white cat

A closeup of “black and white cat..” (Still can’t stop singing.. :))

Black and white cat

As he without a doubt is the best boss I ever had, I was happy that I could end my last day in the office by giving him something of my appreciation.

I hope his kids enjoyed the cake topper as much as I enjoyed making it. :)


Flower basket cake

Warning to you who are looking for video game cakes: This cake has nothing to do with that. :)

The husband has asked for a cake with flowers for his wife’s 50th birthday.. So we decided to go with a cake look like a basket full of flowers. Guess how many flowers I made.. :) Pink, grey and blue flower basket cake

My inspiration for colors was the owl cake I made last year. Pink, white and grey looks great together. And with baby blue I counted on that it would make a great combination for a flower cake.

I made was roses and…

Fondant roses, chrysanthemums, carnation and filler flowersCarnations and Chrysanthemums:

Fondant Carnation and Lily of the ValleyLily of the Vally and the carnations (again):

Lily of the Valley and CarnationsAnd of course a bunch of filler flowers:

Fonandt filler flowers

A lot of the flower basket cakes on the internet use buttercream to make the basket weave, but I’m not very fond of buttercream. It taste too much of.. uhm.. butter.. :) So I made the weave in fondant. I think the result is actually better with fondant than buttercream, if you want it to look more realistic.

Fondant basket weave with flowers

Did you guess how many flowers there are?

FLower basket cake

151 all together. :)

(Inside the basket is raspberry and almond layer cake with chocolate ganache for covering.)

FIFA World cup on Xbox cake

“The cake should be similar to the PlayStation cake, but with soccer players, green fondant, Xbox One and soldiers”… Okay, that’s both quite precise and very imprecise.. :) None the less, that’s was exactly what the birthday boy wanted.

The easy part was to decided to make the cake look like an Xbox one. But I was confused on how to include both soccer players and soldiers without it being weird.. :)

If the cake should be similar to the Playstation cake, the soccer players and soldiers would have to stand next to each other, which I thought would make no sense at all..

So I decided that soccer players should explode out of the cake (just like the Playstation cake) and the soldiers were to protect (or perhaps waiting to attack?) the players.

FIFA cake

The birthday boy’s favorite team is FC Barcelona. But because the cake was done in the middle of the FIFA world Cup season, I thought it would be crazy not to mention FIFA at all.

So I made the FIFA trophy.

Later on I realized that the cover for FIFA ’14 has the same shirts as FC Barcelona. :) Haha, I wonder which team I also portrayed..? :)

FIFA cake topper

The soldiers protecting or waiting to attack. You decide :)

Soldiers on xbox one cake

FC Barcelona won the FIFA trophy with soldiers on Xbox One cake. Only a kid could come up with that idea.

And he did! :)

Soldiers and soccer players cake topper

Happy birthday, Emil!

Video game cake for

This cake includes two of my favorite things to do; gaming and cake decorating all in one, so this was without a doubt one of the funniest cakes to make. :)

It was made for my favorite danish gaming show; as a celebration of their episode #100. Sort of like fan art in shape of a cake…

video game cake

In the anniversary episode, they broadcasted my cake as a part of the red suit case surprise (it probably sounds like gibberish, if you haven’t seen the show :) ). Arrrgh! My cake! MY CAKE in the legendary red suitcase! :) it was weird in a good way (if that’s the right word to use?) seeing my cake broadcasted, and I was overwhelmed, moved and excited all in once by their responds. :)

Back to the cake. I could have made tons of more gaming character if I had the time. :) But everything comes to an end, so the characters I decided to go with, was:

Zelda, LOL, Donkey Kong, WOW cake topper

Link from Zelda and minion from League of Legends (I had heard that it was some of the hosts’ favorite games. Hope I was right :) ):

Link for Zelda and minion from League of Legends cake topper

I wanted a big mean gaming character behind the hosts, so I decided to go with an orch from World of Warcraft:

World of Warcraft orch cake topper

Donkey Kong:

Donkey Kong cake topperOn the cake border are angry birds, a car from GTA “exploding” out of the cake, pac-man on the side, different consoles; Playstation, Wii, Sega, a joystick and et couple of controllers.

GTA cake topper and angry birds cake topper

I also made a lawn mower from Plants vs. Zombies and I placed randomly black squares to make it look like pixels.

– Aaaaand here they are all together with the two host in the middle:

Zelda, LOL, Donkey Kong, WOW cake topper



I wish, I knew more people who want a video game cake. I had SO much fun making it! I would definitely do it again. Hint hint to all of you gamers out there ;) 

So thanks a lot, for the opportunity and for the overwhelming responds! And thanks a bunch for a very great show! :)

Episode #100 of (in danish) and the gaming cake can be seen here:

Mike the knight cake

Last weekend I made a Mike the Knight cake for my friend’s 4 years old son.

Mike the knight cake

It was actually a pirate themed birthday party, but her son insisted on a Mike the Knight cake. Regarding that I don’t have any kids myself, I had absolutely no clue who this knight was.. But thankfully my best friend Google had all the answers.. ;)

In all the google pictures, he was waving, so I made the cake topper do the same:

Waving Mike the knight cake topper

During the evening, my friend had a lot on her mind, so without thinking, she placed the cake on the hot oven.. By the end of the night, when the cake was served, Mike the knight layed down (still waving), warmed up from the oven heat..

Even cake toppers get tired, I guess. :)

Back to the cake. I have no idea was the dragon is called, but he appears on all the google pictures of mike the knight, so of course he (she?) should be on the cake as well. :)

Dragon cake topper from Mike the Knight

Inside the knight’s castle is a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache. This is sadly probably so far my imagination goes, when it comes to flavors in children’s birthday cakes :)

Mike the knight and dragon birthday cake

From Mike the knight, the dragon and me: Happy birthday, Magnus!

Warhammer cake topper

My boyfriend plays Warhammer, which is… Oh, who am I kidding?! I don’t know. Something about orchs and goblins, I guess.. :)

All I know is that Wood elves are the prettiest army… :)

Anywho. As many times before these Warhammer guys held a tournament last year, but at this particular tournament, they also held a cake contest! Wuhuu… :)

I made this Goblin.  I also made a tower, skeleton horse in the mud, brick defense and so on.

I am alway very self-critical regarding my cakes, but this time it was different. I was actually quite pleased about the result. BUT then….

goblin cake topper

After delivering the cake, I found out that, all the pictures I took of the cake, were in very bad shape. The angle was terrible and the lightning was worse! So I’m sorry to say, I don’t have any pictures of the final result. The picture above is from where the goblin is drying and it’s the best picture I got. :(

BUT I can tell you, I won 2nd price: A gift certificate for a warhammer store… Need I say, my boyfriend was much more happier for the award than I was :)

If they ever hold an other cake contest along with their tournament, I promise, I will make sure to get some proper pictures.

Have a great day! :)

Thailand beach cake

This cake is made for a friend of mine. His roomie, who is portrayed, enjoys Thailand and.. uhm.. their booze buckets.. :) He asked if I could make a cake, where she is sitting under a palm tree with empty buckets floating around her..

I tell you. It was unbearable self-torture making this cake! The more it came to live, the more I wanted to be this cake topper!

beach cake

First I placed the palm tree. “I wish, I was in a place with palm trees!”

The the sand. “I wish I was sitting in the sand!”

Then the towel, the crabs and the flip flops. “This is truly unbearable! It feels like ages ago since I wore sandals and sun screen!”

Just to make my self-torturing worse, I decided to make the cake border as a coral reef.

beach cakeSome of the booze buckets are riding over the cake and down the coral reef..

booze buckets riding over the cake

The “sand” is made of crushed Digestive biscuits with a bit of edible glue mixed in.

Inside the cake is almond layers with blue berry cream and chocolate ganache. (All lactose free.)

Btw the cakes is blue inside to complete the theme…

blue cake layers

Now, writing this blog post, makes me even hunger more for sun and vacations…

Thailand beach cake

Next up: google flight tickets to Thailand! :)

Woodcutter cake

Recently I made this cake for my friend’s boyfriend and his dad’s shared birthday. We agreed that the cake should have a woodcutting theme.

His dad is cutting wood, while he relax in the grass.

Woodcutter cakeI knew he love soccer and I remembered his favorite team was something with a “M”.. My knowledge about soccer is very (VERY) limited, so the only thing I could think of was Manchester… I google and made the Manchester shirt. Quit proud that I remembered which team he like.. :) But when I finished the cake, I realized.. It wasn’t Manchester – it was Milan! Argh! How embarrassing! It was too late to re-do, so I crossed my fingers that he couldn’t tell the different.. :) (Who am I kidding?)

Manchester.. No Milan cake topper

I got a picture of his dad and made a cake topper similar to the picture. I thought his outfit in the picture would do well on a woodcutting themed cake, so I copied the whole thing..

Lumberjack cake topper

I also made apples and – of course – a lot of wood chops and spruces.

fondant wood chops

For border I did a small pond with fish and rushes around the cake..

Fondant pond

Happy birthday to the both of you! :)

Hiking cake

For a wedding anniversary, I was asked to make a small cake as a present for the couple, who have been married for 12 1/2 years. They enjoy to hike in mountains all over the world, so there was no doubt that the cake should reflect that. :)

Hiking cakeI got hiking pictures of them both and made the cake toppers look similar in a cartoonish way..

cake topper of a female hiker

The female hiker has taken her shoes off to air her feet…

Tiny sneakers made in fondantThe male hiker:

Male hiker made of fondant

Happy anniversary!

Hiking cake


The Nutcracker – a chocolate showpiece

As previously mentioned, I spend Christmas in Cape Town, South Africa. :) Yesterday I attended and participated in a showpiece Creation at the Lindt Chocolate Studio, where we made The Nutcracker in chocolate:

Chocolate Nutcracker

The Nutcracker with Table Mountain in the background. The photo was taken from our balcony.

The Nutcracker

Apparently this is scandinavian shoes… I had no idea before the Chocolatier pointed it out.. :)

Chocolate shoes

“Unfortunately”, it was SO hot that day, that after 5 mins walk (Not kidding!) my dear chocolate man melted. :(

Show - two - piece creation – Oh well, he probably taste the same. :)

Btw, he consist of 100 percent of chocolate. Mmmm..

Merry Christmas from sunny Cape Town!